Wonderful Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday

Branch Place enjoyed two special playmates this afternoon, bezzie mate Miss Glam Sam Johnson and adorable Mr S. Sam had a great scenario for us. Mr S and I are Lord and Lady of the manor. Sam is my personal maid tasked with taking care of me on a ladies night out. We arrive home rather worse for wear. His Lordship informs us he knows all about our wild night. Unimpressed he decides to punish us both for our errant behaviour. We are given a jolly sound bare bottom hand spanking followed by a good dose of paddles whilst our cheeks are red and hot, his Lordship administers the cane. Our bottoms are left sore and our state is sorry. However intrigued how did he know about our antics? We realised it must have been the chauffeur spying on us.

The Switch

Mr S becomes the driver and the tables are turned. Sam and I spank, paddle and then cane him. He promises not to divulge anymore information to his Lordship. A wonderful outcome on a wondrous Wednesday. Here are our pictures for you to enjoy;




Thank you guys I can’t wait to see what Sam comes up with next time.

Love and spanks and bottoms up! xxx

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