Upon request

Upon request

Dear gentlemen and fellow Spankees,

A part of me is reticent, a tad sad to write about my current health issues. From the outset my aim through my blog was to share my joyful, fun, CP adventures and experiences. That said between spankings, canings and (yes please) jolly sound thrashings, as requested I will keep you all updated. I have informed my consultant and chemo specialist about my life style. They both encourage me to continue as normal, in their words “it would be beneficial” for my state of mind and well-being. Okay here it is; I’m having a marker implant in my naughty boob on¬†Thursday followed by an MRI scan. Next comes chemo, then surgery and reconstruction. ¬†Here’s a positive my adorable bezzie mate glam Sam has a fitness plan for me. She is quite simply the best. Sub Carrie has an end goal for me. Thank you baby. Summer fills me with fun on a daily basis. You lovely gentlemen’s support, care, love and loyalty is precious. I thank you all.

Bottoms up!

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  • EnglishJeff

    Sam – Good luck and God bless.

    PS You have seriously cute bottom.

    July 5, 2015 at 4:57 am

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