Thursdays Treats

Thursdays Treats

I was called to the Headmasters’ study to explain my lewd behaviour captured on the playground CCTV. The board of governors had seen the tape. The Headmaster was instructed to either expel me or administer a severe punishment. I agreed to the thrashing. I deserved it. The Headmaster gave me a hard hand spanking over my knickers and then on my bare bottom. Knickers removed the paddle came next followed by a table tennis bat. My bottom warmed, the Headmaster gave me 10 very hard thwacks of a plimsoll. My cheeks wobbled on impact and smarted. With a hot backside I bent over the horse and felt the cane. 9 strokes of each. I learnt my lesson (look out for cameras).



The Switch

D was called to the Headmistresses’ study to explain his lewd conduct with Samantha in the playground captured on CCTV. He was given the same option; expulsion or punishment. He choose the latter. D was spanked over his pants, they came down and he received an OTK spanking on his bare bottom, paying particular attention to his sit spot. D was ordered to produce his bottom for the implements, which he did and he received exactly the same as Samantha.



Hopefully these two will learn there are eyes and ears everywhere.


Later I played with a dear friend. He’d travelled many miles as he was aware of my current health issues. I top Mr R very gently. Lots of hand spankings, gentle paddling’s, mixed with rubs and stroking. Once his bottom was suitably punished, glowing red, we left Branch Place and headed into Shoreditch for a gorgeous meal at The Rivington. Mr R joined the tube and caught his train back up North. I am privileged to know such wonderful gentlemen. It’s my pleasure to play and dine with you. Thank you. Thursday has been a real treat.

Bottoms up!

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