Three of my favourite things

Three of my favourite things

1. A judicial cold caning.

2. Sitting on my sore bottom at the theatre.

3. Dining in good company with delicious food.


Playing with Mr Chess

I am privileged to enjoy all three. Mr Chess’s inventiveness is invigorating. ¬†Our session began upon my request with a cold caning. Fabulous. Next discovering my sit spot;


A towel was dusted with talcum powder. My bare bottom was coated with cooling gel. I sat on the towel. I stood. Where the talc stuck is my sit spot;

Pic 4

My crease and upper thighs. These were to be the punishment areas. Mr Chess kindly hovered off most of the powder;

Pic 3

I will never look at my hand held GTec mini quite the same. We cried with laughter. Once composed I went over Mr Chess’s lap whilst he sat on the couch and was spanked on my sit spot hard. Very painful. He then sat on a chair. I went over his knee. He did the same. Still painful but definitely preferable. I bent over the horse for my first caning. Next I planked over the arm of the couch. Finally I stood with my hands on the couch. This was by far the best position for feeling strokes equally across my bottom crease;

Pic 5

Pic 2

Pic 6

The feeling is sublime. I have heard much about “sub space”. For me it’s all relative. Thankfully we are all different. I don’t strive to achieve a certain feeling. I go with the flow. However that said as a pro sub I’m spoilt and lucky enough to enjoy CP on a regular basis. My sit spot well and truly taken care of, Mr Chess and I decamped to the theatre to watch “A Sunny Afternoon”. My bottom certainly felt hot. After we had supper at Zedels. Thank you Mr Chess for a wonderful day.

Gentlemen Mr Chess is an avid Tweeter of all things spanking. If you’d like to follow him, here is his Twitter username: @dchessuk.

You will be in very good company.

Bottoms up and sit spot too!

Love and spanks Samantha x

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