The Spanking Trio

The Spanking Trio

Oh what a blast. My lovely glam Sam and the wonderful Mr A arrived for lunchtime play. Firstly Mr A gave Sam an OTK spanking. He then gave me an OTK spanking. Sam and I decided Mr A should stand up and produce his ample, panty clad bottom over the horse. Sam spanked Mr A. I spanked Mr A. It was time for the cane. I produced my bare bottom for Sam and she delivered 12 exquisite strokes of the dragon cane. Sam bent over, her gorgeous little bottom on display and stoically received 6 strokes of her favourite senior cane. It was Mr A’s turn. His panties were pulled down to his knees. He managed (quite bravely) to take 3. Well done Mr A. We then enjoyed lunch together. Sam left for her next spanking and Mr A and I walked on the towpath and fed the swans and cygnets, the geese and goslings and a few ducks. A fantastic way to spend an afternoon I’m sure you’ll agree.




By the way Mr A thank you so much for my new knickers. I love the sloggi’s. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you for a wonderful week. Have a fantastic weekend. Bottoms up gentlemen!

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