The Headmaster’s report

The Headmaster’s report

Relaxing at the weekend with a glass of wine I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and was surprised to see the young lady who lived next door. Standing nervously in front of me carrying a bag and wearing full school uniform. I invited her in but must admit to feeling more than a little uneasy. She had lived next door for a couple of years and without being particularly close we had chatted a number of times and seemed to get on but I wondered was this some sort of dare? Was she poking fun at me? Was she going to try to damage my reputation in the neighbourhood? She stood in font of me awkwardly and insisted it was nothing like that and asked her to sit down and explain herself.

“There’s nothing else for it. I’m just going to blurt it out” she said. “I want to be spanked! It’s been a fantasy of mine ever since I moved next door to you. You’re a Headmaster and I just wondered…”.

My mood brightened. CP had been banned in schools for some time of course but here was a gorgeous young lady well past school age inviting me to punish her… and I had brought some of my CP implements home and stored them away for safe keeping! But I was still a bit uncertain. Would she just take a bit of spanking and then run off and tell her friends what I’d done to her? I needed to know that she was genuine. I explained that I was gong to test her with a preliminary hand spanking and 6 of the best with 3 of my implements. If she agreed and took her punishment well I would know she was genuine and we could have a wonderful afternoon delving more deeply into her fantasy. She immediately draped herself over my knee and whooped with delight as I spanked her, raising her bottom to meet my palm. So far so good! I then told her to select a cane and a plimsoll for her bottom and a strap for her hands. She eagerly complied and passed her test with flying colours.

We sat down together for another drink and I asked her whether she had ever been punished at school. She said she’d had the ruler and the cane but she particularly enjoyed the 6 I had just given her with the plimsoll as she’d never had that at school. I next asked about her fantasy. She said she’d imagined being dressed again in her games kit listening to my voice commanding her to bend over and then imagined my hand spanking her or administering a firm dose of the plimsoll. She just happened to have her games kit in the bag she was carrying! She quickly got changed and we were ready to play.

Was Samantha genuine? What do you think? During the rest of the afternoon we recreated her school girl punishments with the ruler and the cane as well as her fantasies about my hand and the plimsoll. At one point I found a decidedly damp patch in her knickers, showing just how much she was enjoying herself which of course merited some extra strokes! All the punishments were of course interspersed with lovely squeezy hugs and we had a great time.

Thank you so much Samantha. What a brilliant way to start 2015!



Dear David AKA The Headmaster,

as always an absolute pleasure. Thank you for indulging my fantasies. You are a true gentleman Sir! until next time.

Bottoms up!

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