The facts

The facts

A few months ago I noticed my left boob was hard and the nipple retracted. I went straight to my GP and she sent me to hospital.  Examinations, mammograms, ultra sounds and many biopsies later I was informed with Sam Johnson by my side I had Stage 2 Breast Cancer (which is also in my left armpit lymph nodes). Initial scans thankfully show it hasn’t spread. The tumour is two and a half centimetres. My consultants decided to try and shrink it before surgery and reconstruction. I’m having chemotherapy every 3 weeks. 6 sessions overall. Next Tuesday the 25th is session number three. Depending on my immune system surgery will be in November, when I am advised to take at least 2 months off. Afterwards I may need radiotherapy.

I have a daughter so have enquired why? (personally my character would say why not?). Thankfully it isn’t in my gene pool or anything to do with life style. I am simply 1 of the 1 in 8 women that get this disease at some point in their lives. Shocking statistics. I have a good understanding of how this poison works now. Once the chemo’s in I feel wretched for a week. Then the steroids kick in and gentlemen I feel fabulous (that’s the week for sessions). Come the third week, as my body rejuvenates I’m exhausted. It’s then time to go again. I have lost all my hair, except my eye-lashes. Thank goodness I have heard some horror stories and as my left eye was left permanently damaged from the attack two years ago I was concerned. I never want to feel that pain again. I’m a little bloated from the steroids but have been assured it doesn’t last. Sam will have me firm and fit in the New Year. That said my bottom has never looked better. I remain happy, focused, positive and strong. I will beat this.

Unfortunately we pro tops and bottoms don’t qualify for sick pay. My fabulous friends are raising funds for when I am out of action. Needless to say any monies not used I will donate to Cancer Research. A dear client of mine and Carries’ is paying for the upkeep of my website. I’ve received many generous gifts. I’m over whelmed by your kindness. Carrie Cane is doing sponsored canings. Bless her and her delightful bottom. Lovely Sam Johnson and awesome Leia-Ann Woods are organising a spanking party on Thursday 8th October at The Bottoms Up party venue. Donna Browne (my inspiration) encourages me, keeping me focussed with wonderful e-mails. This lady has beaten Cancer twice. I feel honoured.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all.

Bottoms up my lovelies!

Samantha Jones

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