The Class Clown

The Class Clown




In morning registration CC (aka the class clown) answered Miss Johnson with “Here ***t face”. Fellow pupils were highly amused. He was sent to Miss Jones for punishment. CC was instructed to drop his trousers, pull down his underpants and touch his toes. 6 hard strokes of the senior cane were administered. CC’s troubles had only just begun.


Dear Miss Jones,

It is with great regret that I have to report a most unsavoury incident involving one of your senior boys. As you are aware we recently entertained Branch Place for an upper 6th hockey match and extended the courtesy of providing our school bus to ferry your players both to and from the match. Unfortunately our generosity was abused by one of your boys who though it would be most amusing to bare his bottom out of the bus window, when driving past the opposition team and their parents. One of our parents knew the culprit to be CC, whose action has brought the name of both schools into disrepute. As if this was not bad enough he decided to fully expose himself in a most lewd and disgusting way, causing much distress to those who witnessed it. Furthermore when our kindly volunteered driver suggested that he desist, he swore and mocked him, which he found offensive and upsetting. If this had been one of my boys there is no doubt as to how I would deal with him. He would be made an example of by being soundly thrashed on his bare bottom in front of the entire school. If you are in agreement we can arrange for him to be brought here one morning and I will punish him in such a way that he will be in no hurry to show off his ample bottom again, unless he wants everybody to see just how thoroughly he has been caned. If you decide to deal with this matter internally I must insist that you confirm that this disgusting boy has been dealt with a satisfactory manner which due to the nature of the offences must be both painful and humiliating. On this basis I am prepared to let the matter rest otherwise I shall have no option to report the incident to the school of governors. I do hope this will not be necessary.

Yours sincerely,

Geraldine Granger.

CC was asked to explain his errant behaviour. As no valid explanation could be given there was only one course of action. He was to be punished and humiliated in the most severe fashion and his bottom photographed for future reference.





A very painful lesson was learnt.

Bottoms up!

Miss Samantha Jones



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