T.V Spanking

T.V Spanking

Flat mate Claudia and I were missing Glam Sam (She’s been on holiday). Claudia dressed up looking as gorgeous as ever. She has the most amazing, long, lean figure. We put a DVD on staring Miss Sam Johnson. She was with us in spirit. After a glass of wine I gave Claudia a slow, gentle OTK hand spanking. With lots of rubs and fingernails. She purred. Next cam a soft paddling, the hearts, the hand and Glam Sam’s favourite the 50 shades of grey. Claudia’s cute bottom reddened and it was time for a different pleasure… Claudia and I were chatting. We have been together for over 15 years. That’s what I call a regular… I adore her.







I am happy to let you know my Bessie mate Glam Sam is back from her jollies. I can’t wait to see her and play with her and our lovely S for a 221 this Thursday afternoon. I bet Sam was wearing that teeny weeny bikini. I’ll take pics. Watch this space.

Bottoms up my lovelies!

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