Samantha the repeat reprobate

Samantha the repeat reprobate

Samantha Jones was summons to the Heads’ study. Her tutors were concerned about her lack of attention during lessons. The Headmaster was in no mood to listen to her lame excuses. She was given an on the spot test. 5 questions covering different subjects. Needless to say she failed them all. Samantha’s skirt was pulled up and secured into her waistband. She received a hard hand spanking in the upright position followed by an even harder OTK hand spanking. This Scottish Headmaster is famous for his heavy hand spanking. Hopefully she’d pay attention in future.

Samantha was sent to the Headmaster by her gym mistress. She’d not only cheated during cross-country, she’d fibbed about a non-existent injury and her games kit had gone astray. Yet again she attempted to talk her way out of her deserved due punishment. The Headmaster holding the gym mistresses plimsoll wacked Samantha over her knickers and then on her bare bottom whilst she bent over the desk holding onto its legs. Hopefully she’ll amend her cheating ways.

Samantha had misbehaved on a school trip to Rome. She and a few other girls had defied an 8pm curfew. A serious offence and the excuse of “When in Rome” was not appreciated by the Headmaster. She was to be caned. The senior girls’ school cane was selected and applied firstly over her skirt and then over her knickers. The Headmaster never canes girls on their bare bottoms. After her punishment Samantha was warned; any further misbehaviour would merit a cold caning.



Dear R.S,

Thank you so much for a wonderful session today. You’re role play and adept punishment was spot on. I would like to say I’ll behave in future however I better not as it’s wrong to tell lies. Have a safe journey back to Scotland. Scottish Headmasters; strict, stern, dare I say sexy…oops.

Bottoms up!

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