Receiving the belt

Receiving the belt


Hands outstretched one upon the other do not move three strokes on each palm you now have my full attention. There are no words it’s a feeling. It hurts (as it should). I don’t wish to sound corny in my experience no one wields the tawse like a Scottish gentlemen (Headmaster). Thank you Mr J as always you punish me evoking genuine school days with severity, care and appreciation. I am your Head girl submissive. I look forward to your return knowing Ms Johnson will be punishing me too…That will be painful.


There was no uniform inspection. I’d forgotten ladies receiving the cane should be knickerless.


I was wearing these beauties. I not only received the belt I was also caned and here are the implements the headmaster used;

DSCF4859Bottoms up Headmaster!

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