Hello my lovelies,

It has been a while I’d like to thank you all for your continued support it’s really appreciated and warms my heart knowing I’m not forgotten.

I have not blogged as what can I say? “cancer sucks” grr ! I am happy to say I’m recovering well from my operation I do need additional treatment and am meeting with my radiotherapy consultant and the thinking is I’ll need four weeks of daily zapping to kill off any rogue cancer cells.

I remain positive and focused on my recovery – cancer needn’t be a life sentence ! I am extraordinarily tired, I’ve never slept so much!

I’m blessed – my fantastic friends Sam Johnson and Subcarrie never fail to cheer me up and make me chuckle and Donna Browne my inspiration, she’s simply amazing.

Anyway please do stay in touch your messages are always very welcome.

Bottoms up all and enjoy CP it’s awesome!

love Samantha Jones X

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