North London Approved School

North London Approved School

Dear Principle;

Re: Samantha Jones – senior student at Branch Place Academy

In keeping with the relationship between our two establishments I regret I must commend to your care the above pupil at our school. Following a number of incidents with this young lady culminating with her being discovered in her dormitory, after lights out, in bed, naked with another well-developed girl. The governors of Branch Place Academy have decided Miss Jones needs a short, sharp, shock to return her to the straight and narrow path. In the last month alone Samantha has been punished for fraternising with boys down in town, dressed in short skirts, high heels and make-up, persistently giving cheek to staff, refusing to accept instructions from senior staff and prefects (she was one herself before being stripped of the title). Overall her recalcitrant behaviour has been of great concern to myself and the governors. In her last year she has received 5 punishments in line with current school/academy regulations but this young lady actually seems to enjoy and relish such situations. Highly sexually developed for a girl of her age she has used her ample charms on two of my male members of staff, one of my female teachers and engaged with both other and local boys in lewd behaviour. It seems she is insatiable and knows no boundaries. The academy governors decided to not to expel her in this crucial year in her education but to send her to an approved school for one week of short, sharp, shock treatment. Starting with the kind of reformatory punishment we are not permitted to administer at our academy under school regulations. Her parents are aware of the situation and have agreed this one week of hard work, floor scrubbing, PT drills and hard discipline may save their daughter from following a course in life which would lead to her being in front of the courts at some stage. I trust when she returns to us she will be a different young lady with a much better attitude which understands that authority should always be respected.

Yours faithfully

Miss Susan Forster


Dear P,

I can’t thank you enough for showing me the error of my ways and I look forward to your return.

Kind regards

Samantha Jones

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