I had so much fun last time I asked my neighbour to punish me. This morning I returned for more. David AKA Headmaster was happy to oblige. He began by giving me an OTK spanking, firstly over my skirt then over my knickers and finally on my bare bottom. He mixed it up with glorious double handed spanks. David has a are talent. I squealed and squirmed in ecstasy. David ordered me into the corner, hands on head however I couldn’t keep still. He punished me for fidgeting, 24 strokes of the paddle on my bare backside. Oooh I giggled. I can’t help myself… Knickers pulled up, skirt pulled down and the Headmaster had a plimsoll in his hand. 30 hard thwacks reigned down caressing my cheeks; 12 over my skirt, 12 over my knickers, the final 6 on my bare. Still I giggled. More corner time was needed. The Headmaster caught me sticking my tongue out (childish but fun). I was ordered back over his knee, he pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties and gave me 50 of the OTK leather paddle. Marvellous! We took a break and had a chat, refreshments and a hug. David is a fantastic spanker. I could happily spend an entire afternoon over his lap. I dispensed with my skirt and knickers; the rest of my punishment was administered on my bouncing, bare now glowing red bottom. David enquired what Sub Carrie and I had been up to. We’d been seen at a local hotspot behaving unladylike. There was no point in fibbing. I wasn’t sure if he’d spoken to Carrie and I know honesty is the best policy. I confessed our misconduct. It isn’t for publication needless to say David concluded I deserved a severe dose of punishment. I do hope I haven’t landed Carrie in trouble. She’s a really good friend. I trust she’ll understand after all we don’t tell lies. I went back over David’s knee for a prolonged spanking, harder this time with lots of double handers. My bottom was on fire. I was instructed to stand, bend over the horse, back down bottom up and produce my bottom. I counted 24 straps across my cheeks. It stung. David was using the double ender expertly, each stroke landing perfectly. My bottom wobbled. It made me smile. The best was saved til last, a caning. 4 canes were selected. I received 12 of the senior, 12 of the reformatory and 12 of the (my favourite) the dragon. We enjoy round numbers so ended with 14 stingy strokes of a whippy junior cane, 50 strokes in all. Wow I have been well and truly dealt with. Simply sublime!







Branch Place and my neighbour (The Headmaster) are fab.

Dear David,

I thank you. I adore your company, your skilful attentive, generous, loving punishments. My flowers are beautiful. I am so lucky to play with gorgeous gentlemen like yourself. September cannot come quick enough. I’m still smiling.

Bottoms up!

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