My Lochgelly Tawse

My Lochgelly Tawse



I have purchased a 58cm long 2 fingered belt. It is a beauty. A genuine John Dick Lochgelly. The belt is primarily used for hand punishment. I accept the tawse from gentlemen who have the skill, the correct mind set and my trust. Administered correctly it hurts, it scares, it focusses the mind, it works. 6 strokes are recommended (no more), 3 on each palm, delivered slowly (not rushed). Mr J this will be the belt you use in future sessions. I’m happy for my regular gentlemen (Headmasters) to bring their personal Lochgelly’s as I know they are special and have a personal history. CP is about trust and needs to be mutually satisfying. If not I am not the submissive for you.

Bottoms and hands up!

Samantha Jones

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