My Final Chemo

My Final Chemo


I had number 6 my last cycle yesterday. Hooray! I can not praise all the staff enough at Barts chemo ward. They have been amazing. They all said how much I’d be missed as I’m always happy and positive. I bought them chocolates and thanked them all. This has been an incredible experience. Being on a chemo ward puts everything in perspective. I have met fabulous, courageous fellow cancer fighters. It’s been a privilege. I am having an MRI on November the 13th (my Birthday). I feel positive it will show the tumour’s shrunk considerably. I meet the surgical team on November the 20th when I should get a date for surgery. It would be so cool if it’s in December then I’ll be cancer free in 2016…

I’ve been reassured once the steroids and chemo are out of my system my hair will grow back and my eyelashes (I did loose them all in the end) also the weight will come off. Thank goodness I’ve always been a curvy woman but not a humpty dumpty…Tee Hee! Lovely Bessie mate Glam Sam will make sure I’m fit again. I’m looking forward to training with Sam again, she’s an awesome personal trainer. I’m really looking forward to us being able to play again. We adore our 221 sessions. We always have so much fun. I’m also looking forward to spending more time with my adorable friend Carrie. We can talk for England perhaps Europe but possibly the World! I’ve missed my gentlemen too. I can’t wait to be back over your knees. I have had my subby phone switched off as I’ve needed to focus on my recovery but don’t despair I’ll be back before too long. Whilst I’m on a break my wonderful Web Mistress Rachel May is going to revamp my website. I wont have new pictures until my hair has grown, wigs don’t suit me, I look like an unconvincing TV (not a good look for me however amusing!).

I have made some great purchases with my benefit fund. A fabulous new mattress and a huge television for my room. Thank you all. Your generosity has been outstanding. I’m sincerely grateful. It’s been a tremendous help. So my lovelies I hope to be back playing with you in the New Year. What fun we’ll have discovering my limits all over again. Wow it will be fabulous. I’ll be a newbie!

I’ll sign off now. Please don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for a while. I will be back. You can’t keep Samantha Jones away from glorious CP. It’s my passion. I adore it. I miss it. Not long now.

Bottoms up all!

With love and spanks

Samantha Jones xxx

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