My battle begins

My battle begins

How apt on the anniversary of The Battle of Britain I begun my personal battle. I informed the ladies her Majesty’s flypass was for us too, the cancer fighters. They chuckled. The chemo unit is on the top floor in Barts with fabulous views of London. What struck me most is the kindness and mutual respect. It’s humbling. I woke to so many lovely messages this morning. It took me over an hour to read them. How amazing. Please keep them coming. Here’s my first cancer, chemo, chic pic;


Round one to Samantha Jones!

Bottoms up my lovelies!

PS: Gentlemen I am so proud of my gorgeous daughter, who was on TV this morning on the programme This Morning, talking in her classroom about the lovely children’s end of term gifts.¬†She is simply the best xxx

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  • EnglishJeff

    Thanks for the post Sam. Funnily enough it made me smile, good luck.

    And your post 15th July made me grin. -g-

    July 16, 2015 at 1:23 pm

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