Mondays Scenario

Mondays Scenario

Lazy Housemaid Samantha Jones

PJs + SJ = CP

I’m the newly appointed housemaid to a powerful business couple in their city townhouse. Mr S’s wife is currently visiting the countryside. Mr S has stayed in town for business and unbeknown to me his various sporting activities. I’ve assumed Mr S is at his office and take the opportunity to chill out. Mr S catches me red handed. He’d been out running. I’m in my PJs, feet up, flicking through mags, watching daytime TV, eating chocolates, drinking tea, at no point doing housekeeping. Mr S informs me Mrs S would discharge me on the spot however he sees the potential within me. He proposes I can keep my position and his good lady wife needn’t discover my lazy behaviour if I’d agree to accept punishment (just as naughty servant girls did in the good old days). The Master of his household was in control of the females within. After some banter I agree. We’ll begin with a jolly sound hand spanking across Mr S’s lap, over knickers and then on the bare. As Mr S’s hands tire implements will be introduced. An array of paddles, straps and canes. I become curious by your knowledge, accuracy and enthusiasm. I begin to question you about your enjoyment of CP. You admit you like to receive as well as give and request I punish your bottom. I know it’s a punishment but it does feel good. Therefore how could I refuse. It wouldn’t be fair. It’s polite to share. I think Mr S is going to be an excellent employer (Master).

Bottoms up!

Samantha Jones

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