Lusty Laura

Lusty Laura

Old Lusty Laura gives it hard
And takes it harder still
And when she plays in her back yard
Her neighbours’ looks could kill

She sessions morning noon and night
Her parties last a week
And if her neighbours get uptight
She canes them for their cheek

When up in court she frets and whines
And gives out lots of lip
Declining to pay all her fines
And asking to be whipped

She hangs her ASBOs on her wall
For all her friends to see
And if the postman dares to call
He’s hauled across her knee

She has a Sub called Deathwish Don
Her Dom is Bruiser Grimes
This pair don’t really get along
And call at different times

At those rare times she’s not at play
She thinks that life’s the pits
She dreads the coming of the day
She has to rock and knit

Old Lusty Laura loves it hard
Though she’s no longer young
And though her bottom’s badly scarred
She claims she’s twenty one

Gentleman Paul

With apologies to anyone called Laura, Don and Grimes as the characters in this poem are fictitious


Thank you so much Gentleman Paul.

Bottoms up!

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