Lil and Bea

Lil and Bea

Old Leather Arse Lil

Will stand very still

With a look of most haughty disdain

Says paddles and straps

Are totally crap

She needs a good dose of the cane


When Fidgety Bea

Goes over a knee

She winces and struggles and moans

No more than a tap

And she’s off your lap

Deleting you out of her phone


They share the same dom

Old Cack-Handed Ron

A senile myopic old brute

Bea says he’s a sod

To Lil he’s a god

One hates him but one thinks he’s cute


Ron never refrains

from dishing out pain

He whacks and he cracks and he flails

He’s deaf as a post

And harder than most

Regardless of pleasure or whails


So as you can see

Our Lil and our Bea

Are the chalk and cheese of the scene

For one wants a man

With kid gloves for hands

The other needs spiteful and mean


But strange as it seems

They work as a team

A mixture of sobbing and grins

So give them a try

And you’ll find out why

These ladies are siamese twins


Gentleman Paul

With apologies to anybody called Lil, Bea or Ron and also to all senile myopic old brutes

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