Keeping you up to speed…

Keeping you up to speed…

I had a fabulous time in Fort William. Lots of fresh air, beautiful scenery, good food and plenty of rest. I didn’t scale Ben Nevis I’ll save that joy for when I’m fully recovered!

My consultant wasn’t kidding, this cycle is the strong stuff. Knowing I’ve only 5 weeks to go on chemo helps me stay focussed on my recovery. I wont have a surgery date until my doctors are satisfied my immune system can cope. I’m a fast healer as you’ll know so hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

On Wednesday I met my lovely friend Carrie for lunch. Carrie is simply amazing. She’s been raising money with her clients for when I can’t session. I’m totally blown away by their generosity and thank them all from the bottom of my heart. It will help me so much. I will write a thank you blog anon. I’ve no red stripy bottoms for you this week but I do have a gorgeous engine!




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