I Like To Do Some Spanking

I Like To Do Some Spanking

I like to do some spanking

Some canes and paddles too

And so you can be banking

I’ll pay a call on you


I love to do some strapping

And swing the riding crop

Until my strength is sapping

And I’m fit to drop


I like a bit of role play

Some banter with some bite

And I hope you won’t say

My words are fake and trite


I like you wearing stockings

And heels that make you tall

And get you gently rocking

Upon your caning stool


I like your varied wardrobe

Schoolgirl nurse or sec

I love to feel your warm globes

And give them little pecks


I really like my spanking

It’s what I live to do

And that is why I’m thanking

My lucky stars for you


Gentleman Paul



Dear Gentleman Paul,

Thank you so much. You never fail to bring a smile to my face and when we’re alone to my bottom. Hope to see you soon. Lots of love xxx

Bottoms up darling!

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