Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy

Samantha Jones keeping it real

My darling lovelies before the gossip mills start turning, which I totally understand it’s human nature and I trust it’s coming from a good place. I am sharing my personal present situation with you. I have breast cancer. Thankfully initial scans show it hasn’t spread. I will need surgery followed by chemo therapy. I am going to loose a boob and possibly my hair. Both replaceable. I promise not to loose my spirit, humour, love, joy of CP, indeed my life. I realise I have a battle to conquer and my intention is to win. You’ll know how competitive I am… My consultant, GP and hospital staff are all astounded by my high pain threshold. I almost shared “I take a judicial caning”. Joking aside I adore CP and know I would be bereft without it in my life. That said I intend to continue sessioning after all my bottom is in perfect good health… So please no maudlin. Let’s all remain happy, positive, thankful, life is for living and filling with fun and joy (as Mr Chess kindly pointed out – my lounge walls say it literally). I am blessed to have beautiful, genuine souls around me. My reason for being, my amazing daughter. She is quite simply an astounding woman. Her partner whom I feel is my son, possibly the most decent man on this planet. My fabulous bezzie mate Glam Sam Johnson, I absolutely adore her. Selfless, caring, Sub Carrie, always there. Oh so sweet Submissive Summer, a joy. My awesome Web Mistress Rachel, a rock, a star. And you truly amazing gentlemen and I do mean gentlemen, you never fail in your support, care, loyalty and friendship. It makes my heart swell. Thank you. So Bottoms up! and please let’s keep them up!

All my Love

Samantha Jones xxx

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  • Frank Spank

    Samantha just wanted to say good luck and chin up(and bottoms when you are better). Keep fighting and it will be good to see you back in action before too long

    Frank XXX (with the bottle of bubbles and a love of pvc before christmas)

    June 11, 2015 at 9:32 am

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