His own words

His own words

A few days ago, Samantha – a very disobedient and rather silly wife – was given a prolonged beating by her irate husband, Mr PDB.

This is what happened three months ago: She had told her husband over breakfast that day that she was going to drive off to see her sister but might not be home before he got back from the office. Fair enough, but she was told not to use his brand new Company Car, a lovely Jaguar, because she was not insured to drive it. She agreed, but, as a prank she thought it would be such fun to take a spin in the Jaguar rather than drive over in her little Ka. Oh dear….. Unfortunately, she was not used to such a fast car, so she skidded off the road and wound it around a tree – a total write off. Luckily, she was not hurt, just a few bruises.

When her husband got home, she told him and was there and then given a 100 stroke beating, with the promise that more was to come, because her little prank had cost him about £30,000 which his Company was going to retrieve from him by a reduction from his net salary each month of £1,500 over the next 20 months!

Fast forward to a few days ago: Her husband had just had the bad news that his Company had not implemented these reductions until now when the Admin. Department had finally woken up. So, £4,500 was deducted from his net salary in August, leaving him with very little spending money in September. He was livid, as this meant he would have to sell some shares to help him out – at a time when the Stock market was very unstable. Not a happy man. So he hurried home in a fury hell bent on giving Samantha yet another beating.

She was very contrite and sorry and agreed that she deserved and needed a harsh punishment and that it was, in the circumstances, reasonable for her to receive at least 150 strokes of the cane, in addition to some spanking and whipping. So, that is what happened. After a prolonged spanking and then a number of gentle lashes with a dressage whip, she was ready for her caning and that is exactly what she got.

She was told to go and get changed into her pyjamas and knickers. She was caned across her pyjamas, quite gently at the beginning with a thin swishy cane. But gradually the strokes got harder and harder, as thicker and thuddier canes were used across her knickers and then her bare bottom, all the time becoming more and more severe. By the time she had received 132 strokes, it had turned into a proper beating.

But the worst was still to come: Her husband told her that she was going to be given another whipping and then her final punishment was to finish up with a genuine, authentic Public School thrashing, 18 of the very best, administered very slowly and with extreme severity, using the harshest of all her canes. She would be allowed to wear her knickers for this.

After her thrashing, Samantha told her husband that she deserved and needed that and she was grateful to him, because she had wanted and enjoyed the pain inflicted! She told him that her bottom was stinging a lot and the thrashing had hurt like hell. So, her husband then gave her another spanking to help with the pain. She then admitted that it had left her with a lovely red hot glow and she was happy.

What a brave, strong woman Samantha is and, with that attitude, all those of us who know, love and admire her are sure that she will come through her current Cancer ordeal with flying colours. Good luck, Samantha – we are all rooting for you and you are in our thoughts.

04 Aug 15


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