Headmaster’s Birthday Surprise – A role-play in three Acts

Headmaster’s Birthday Surprise – A role-play in three Acts

Act 1

It was Friday of half term week. It was my birthday and I was daydreaming in my front room, my mind a million miles away from school. There was a knock on the door and I was surprised to see the two gorgeous young ladies from next door carrying a birthday cake with candles and dressed in full school uniform.

“Happy Birthday Sir” they said in unison as I invited them in.

“We’re dressed like this because we know you’re a Headmaster and we want to be spanked and relive our schooldays”.

How could I possibly resist? Then again what if they were looking to embarrass me and take an incriminating photo? They could ruin my reputation. I had to be certain. They immediately offered to submit to a full body search. Of course they were genuine. It was the 2 SJs after all! Samantha cut the cake, I provided the bubbly and we looked forward to Act 2!

Act 2

The two SJs stood in front of me awaiting discipline. They were quite unconcerned, whispering to each other and giggling. I got their attention and said they would each have 5 minutes over my knee while their friend told me what they had done wrong. The banter between them was wonderful as they gave me plenty of reasons to warm each of their bottoms in turn. In fact they seemed to enjoy the spanking too much and it was clear that both young ladies deserved to be caned. They selected a cane and took 24 strokes each with obvious relish. We enjoyed a lovely squeezy hug and took a break for more cake and champagne.

Act 3

Back in front of me this time the ladies were dressed (upon Samantha’s recommendation) in their games kit and ready for even firmer discipline. Again there was plenty of amusing banter so I repeated the 5 minute spankings over my knee while they told me what they had done wrong. Apparently Sam had attacked one of the opposing players during an inter school hockey match while Samantha as the goalkeeper had lit a cigarette to show how bored she was because Branch Academy was winning the match so easily. Samantha clearly needs constant attention. A hand spanking was clearly not enough. First I gave them a dose of the ruler as they bent over the settee side by side and then I told them to select a slipper each. 42 firm strokes each and there was still the cane to come! It was Sam’s turn first. This time she selected the new dragon cane and asked me to see how many she could take. The dragon is a fearsome implement. Sam took 2 good strokes and then we changed to her usual cane. Of course Samantha Jones being a legendry recipient of a severe caning was more than happy to receive 50 strokes of the dragon. We brought the role play to an end with more squeezy hugs, cake, conversation and champagne.

Thank you both and Samantha Jones for your hospitality and for a truly wonderful birthday treat. David xx

PS: Dear Headmaster,

I have to admit I absolutely adore my new dragon cane. Thank you so much for punishing me and thank you Sam for a fabulous, fun session.

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