Headmaster, Samantha, Angela

Headmaster, Samantha, Angela

The Headmaster informed me he’d received an anonymous letter. It read:

You need to know about your Head girl. She has been behaving disgracefully and should be expelled. I feel I have to let you know these things;

  1. She has been regularly playing truant most Monday afternoons. She has been sneaking off after registration. She meets boys in the park.
  2. She has been bullying the younger pupils by bossing them around and she spanks them in her room. I have heard the girls crying as she takes their knickers down for the slipper.
  3. She cheated in the school exams. She only got the top mark of 90% because she copied the answers from a crib sheet hidden under her desk.
  4. She stole £20 from school funds in the secretary’s office last week.
  5. Worst of all she went on the market and stole some knickers from a market stall…

You should expel her from school.

An anonymous friend.

My protestations fell on deaf ears. I was given two options; expulsion of punishment. I opted for punishment. I was spanked, strapped, tawsed, received the slipper and the cane. My bottom was on fire. I knew who had written this letter. I recognised the handwriting. It was Angela. I confronted my so called best friend Angela and she admitted it. I let her know the only way I could forgive her was if she received the same punishment as I had. She agreed. After her punishment we linked pinkies and promised to be best friends forever. I’m not sure I’ll ever trust Angela again but I’ll let her think I do for now…

I’d like to share with you all exactly what I did to Angela’s bottom. Trust me it was a lot sorer than my own and next time she wants to stab me in my back perhaps she’ll think twice!





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