Half way through

Half way through


Here I am wearing my cool t-shirt from the USA. My beautiful daughter bought me four. All different (my chemo t-shirts). We share the same sense of humour. I looked at the picture and said; “but we can’t read the last word B. It’s hidden by my curves” Tee Hee. It says –¬†SUPERPOWERS! I’m happy to say it was appreciated on the chemo ward. They know I’m a little out there… Gentlemen if you can’t laugh it’s a sad day. I promise never to stop smiling, laughing actually just being me. Thank you all for my lovely good wishes. You’re fabulous. A massive thank you to my dear friend Carrie Cane. Look after your gorgeous bottom. You’re a star. Lovely Glam Sam’s coming with me for chemo session number four. Look out for selfies! I’m sure the gentlemen on the ward will appreciate her visiting. I know I will. Love you bessie mate.

Bottoms up all!

Love and spanks


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