Flat Mates!

Flat Mates!

Sam, Samantha and Claudia share a flat in trendy Hoxton. Whilst getting ready for a night out, sharing bubbly, Sam couldn’t find her new, red knickers. Sensing the mood change Samantha went to open another bottle. The champagne was missing. Claudia tipsy stumbled, revealing Sam’s underwear. After an awkward inquisition Claudia confessed. It was agreed she’d be punished by Sam and Samantha. Claudia received a prolonged OTK spanking from the ladies followed by a paddling leaving her cheeks as red as Sam’s panties. Claudia promised to purchase new knickers for Sam and replace Samantha’s champagne. A satisfying outcome all round. Claudia should learn to keep her sticky fingers to herself…




Bottoms up from the 2 SJs

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