Fabulous Friday

Fabulous Friday

I have been looking forward to today since receiving Mr M’s booking. We have been playing together for some years now enjoying an on-going switch scenario regarding Branch Place Academy. Mr M’s attention to detail is meticulous. I cannot begin to articulate how much I adore our sessions however I can show you;










Dear Mr M,

Thank you so much. As always you bring a smile to my face and a glow to my bottom. Cold caning doesn’t get better than this. Enjoy your 6 stripes. I’m rather proud of them. Thank you for my chocolates and your generous gift for my “after chemo pot”. I’m so lucky to know you and hold you very dear. I look forward to seeing you (chemo free) in November.

Lots of love

Samantha xxx


Dear gentlemen,

I have enjoyed a fantastic week. Thank you all so much. I’m now going to rest in preparation for chemo number 4 on Tuesday 15th September. Bezzie mate Glam Sam is coming with me. What a star she is. Thank you Sam and a huge thank you to my lovely friend Sub Carrie. You’re amazing. Have a great weekend all.

Bottoms up!

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