Fabulous, Fantastic, Fun Friday!

Fabulous, Fantastic, Fun Friday!

David the Headmaster arrived with a beautiful bouquet of my favourite flowers. He decided our session role-play would be of my choice. Naturally I opted for bratty 6th former. Why? I love the uniform, I love the language (banter), I adore a dominant Headmaster and best of all I absolutely love the implements. The slipper (plimsoll), the strap (tawse) and most of all the canes (junior, senior, reformatory, dragon). David asked if I’d like a spanking to warm me up. Don’t misunderstand me I love receiving a spanking however I’ve never needed a warm up. To get my full attention a cold, hard 6 of the best works. I’m going to stop here as my Headmaster David has kindly offered to write a blog informing you of my misdemeanours (there are many) and how he disciplined me. I will say we enjoyed a glorious session.

Thank you David.


Have a lovely weekend all. I won’t be playing next week as it’s chemo number 4 on Tuesday. I will keep you all updated.

Many thanks

Bottoms up!

Samantha Jones x

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