Double Birthday Celebration

Double Birthday Celebration

They say two’s company and three’s a crowd. Hogwash I adore a threesome especially when it includes my Bezzie mate Sam Johnson. A Birthday party was held at Branch Place this afternoon. Nibbles, Birthday cake and naturally champagne. The champers couldn’t wait to be released. With squeals of delight it exploded into the ceiling;




Mr D ammused yet stern, informed Sam and I that the CEO of Branch Place (Ms Tweedy) was far from happy with our misbehaviour (we’ve always thought her to be a frumpy b***h yet possibly perhaps hopefully kinky). Can you imagine she’d insisted Mr D punish Sam and I for our errant behaviour. Not wanting to loose our positions (Birthday celebrations aside) we agreed to Mr D’s conditions;



I was invited across his knee for a sound hand spanking followed by Sam agreeing to the same. Our bottoms on display, stocking tops showing, how embarrassing. It was a Birthday party after all;





After we’d received our spankings the tables were turned. Oh my goodness Mr D caned Sam’s cute little bottom, leaving her with stripes. Had Ms Tweedy really requested this? Sam inquired and learnt Mr D had over-stepped his authority. There’d be only one rectification. He must receive the same, as well as Samantha Jones, as she’d witnessed the caning;


Excusing herself after the caning, Samantha left and spoke to Ms Tweedy (telling her all). The CEO’s advice to Miss Jones was, take revenge upon her Birthday friends and administer the exact same punishment;



As you can see Mr D will not be sitting comfortably for some time, however much Sam pacifies him. If you’d like to see Sam J’s striped bottom then do please check out her blog. The Birthday celebrations (punishments) will continue.

Bottoms up gentlemen!

P.S: I enjoyed a fantastic session followed by an afternoon at the theatre and dinner with the outstanding Mr Chess. Pictures will follow soon.

Bottoms up!



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