Chemo number 5

Chemo number 5

Hello my lovelies,

You haven’t heard from me as they didn’t lie, the chemo gets stronger. Lovely Sam sat with me on Tuesday as the poison was administered. I’m doing okay but as expected am extremely tired. Big news; my benefit party yesterday was a huge success. Please see Sam Johnson’s blog. I cannot thank you all enough but I will tomorrow when I see Sam. This beautiful poem was read by Gentlemen Paul at the party.

Love and Spanks

Samantha xxx


The Thing We Love The Very Best


We love you for your feisty ways

Your wicked sense of fun

We love you for your sweet role plays

You stay forever young


We love you for your cheeky laugh

And teasing twinkling eyes

You never do a thing by half

Your pleasure’s undisguised


We love your gasps and little squeals

Your charming beaming gaze

Your warmth has such a friendly feel

We’d love to play all day


Next time you stick your bottom out

To have it set aglow

With kicking legs and sexy pout

Just let the tingling grow


Next time you feel a swishing cane

Its aim so straight and true

We hope that we have made it plain

Our hearts reach out to you.


And so when life becomes a test

These clumsy words we send

The thing we love the very best

Is knowing we’re your friends


With love from Gentleman Paul and all those who care about you. xxxxxx

Gentle Regards Gentleman Paul xxxxxx

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