Caught cheating

Caught cheating

Cheating is a serious violation of Branch Place Academy rules. Samantha Jones had cheated at cross-country and then had the audacity to justify her miscreant behaviour. Mr D was having none of it. Samantha was to learn a painful lesson regardless of her efficacious protestations.

An OTK hand spanking was administered. Her cheeks turned red. Samantha was given a dose of the plimsoll on her bare bottom. Her backside was now flaming red. Gym knickers pulled up Mr D drew chalk lines across them and proceeded to cane them off. Many strokes later Samantha’s knickers were pulled down to her knees and 12 strokes of the dragon cane landed across her bare cheeks. Her bottom was now red, hot and stripy. Samantha assured Mr D she’d amend her wayward inclinations.


The Switch. Mr D became the cheater and Samantha the rule enforcer. Mr D received the same punishment as Samantha.



I am off to Inverness for some fresh air and beautiful scenery before hospital on Monday. I will keep you updated. Choo Choo.

Bottoms up!

Love Samantha x

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