Branch Place Academy (The Finishing School)

Branch Place Academy (The Finishing School)

Headmaster Mr D and I have played this scenario before. It’s the very awesome “Leia-Ann Woods” in “The Finishing School” (fab film). I am sat at a desk writing my lines. The Headmaster enters the study, sits on the couch and reads his newspaper. All you can hear is Miss Jones writing, a clock ticking and the pages of the paper rustling. Aah there’s one other sound… The Headmaster stands, moves towards Samantha, orders her to stand, pull down her knickers, place her hands behind her back and open her mouth. She complies;



I wont spoil the movie. I will urge you to watch it. Needless to say Miss Jones suffered as did Miss Woods.

Many thanks Mr D. A pleasure as always to play with you Sir. Until next time.

Bottoms up!

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