Thank you M for my beautiful new cane. I’m looking forward to feeling its sting across my bare bottom. Lots of love Samantha xxx


This afternoon’s session with my left handed Master. Thank you for my lovely stripes;




Left bottom cheek up!

Samantha Jones x


A massive thank you to my lovely gentleman this afternoon. We had a wonderful time spanking each other and you caned  me beautifully. I look forward to our next session when you are back in London. I hope you enjoyed your run. Ciao.

Bottoms up!

Samantha Jones


A New Post Part 4

The inmates bottom was red and striped. Samantha was impressed by her caning skills;


Bolstered by this when the Governor returned she told him what she had done. He was far from impressed and informed her she had actually broken the law and if the police were brought in she would be arrested and dismissed from her post. Samantha pleaded with the Governor not to inform the police or indeed anyone else. She would be prepared to accept any action he deemed fit if she was to keep her job. The Governor let her know that he wouldn’t take it any further if she took the same punishment she’d given the inmate. She immediately complied, removed her uniform and knickers and bent over presenting her bare bottom for the cane. In all thirty strokes were given with the reformatory cane;


Samantha Jones kept her job.


Today I have spent the most wonderful 1 1/2 hours in the company of the best submissive schoolgirl in London, the gorgeous Samantha Jones.
Samantha’s role play was as always excellent. Our scenario was that Samantha had been caught cheating during the cross country run. Not only that but she was caught urinating in the local church yard. obviously this was not to be tolerated and Samantha had earnt herself a severe punishment.
We started with Samantha in full gym kit going over my lap for a severe hand spanking across her skirt and knickers. The skirt was soon raised to reveal her sexy bottom clad in navy blue gym knickers. The spanking continued over these then onto a bare bottom spanking. This was having no response from Samantha.So we went onto to try out various other implements. A plimsoll, hairbrush, strap, martinet and cane were used in batches of 12 strokes with Samantha bent over her school desk. She suddenly got to learn that discipline hurts as her bottom changed from from creamy white to crimson. It’s cheeks were glowing by the time we had finished and were hot to the touch. Cuddling followed. However Samantha asked for another spanking to end our session. So over my lap she went to receive another hard spanking followed by the martinet and cane.
I hope that the gorgeous Samantha continues in her role as the best London submissive schoolgirl for many years to come.
I hope you can use this together with our photo’s Samantha.
Bottoms up sweet cheeks
Hugs Neil the brewery man xxx

CP = Corporal Pleasure

A mutual appreciation of the art of caning;

Here’s OM:


Here’s Samantha:


Samantha’s School Skirt

The school uniform policy is quite clear. Senior girl’s school skirts must not be above 30 inches. If a girl’s skirt is found to be an incorrect length i.e. shorter than the required 30 inches she will receive six strokes of the senior girls cane on her bare bottom during morning assembly, in full view of the school. This is to deter girls who repeatedly disregard the uniform rules. Random checks will ensue.



Looks as though I’m in trouble again…


Red Cheeks

Boys that misbehave will be stripped naked and made to go over my lap for a sound hand spanking until their bare bottoms glow red and are hot to the touch…A pleasure to spank you C. Here are your lovely crimson cheeks;




I have been shopping!


And this is my bottom after receiving punishment from my left handed Master. It does sting. If only we were all ambidextrous, then both cheeks would glow and sting the same (or perhaps I’m just greedy).IMG_0316

Bottoms up and happy caning!

Samantha Jones x

Red Stripes

Another naughty boy with a well deserved striped bottom;


I can’t say it was fun or maybe I can…


Oh what a minx I can be!