More pictures from my wonderful birching session


Hope you all enjoy as much as Mr W and I did.

Bottoms up!


Recent review

I had a wonderful review on Tuesday.

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I rarely blow my own trumpet but how nice to get recognition for what I offer however I’m a firm believer it takes two to make a session genuinely satisfying. Thank you Mr Tawse.

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My Birching!

I’d like to thank Master W for a fantastic session yesterday. Our mutual appreciation of the birch was enthralling. Thanks again.

Bottoms up!

Where should one apply the Scottish tawse?

This is a question I have often been asked should the taswe be administered to the palms or buttocks? Looking at these Lochgelly tawses I would hope that the latter would apply to me as my backside has far more fleshy areas which wobble when pounded than my hands which simply sting.

The wrong shoes

As I entered the Masters study I saw him glare down at my feet. I was instructed to turn around and face the wall so that he could inspect my six inch ankle strapped shiny black stilettos. Master came to the conclusion that I was trying to seduce him to wriggle out of the punishment that was due to me (as if I would).

“Take those shoes and stockings off immediately and put on these”

I know my Masters plan. These wont stay on for long as I’m pretty sure I will be feeling the weight of them across my backside before too long.

Bottoms up!

Three little minxes

(Illustration by Sardax)

I wonder what these three girls could possibly be plotting… Who will be on the receiving end of that fine looking birch-rod…

I have been instructed to put the cane back where it belongs and fetch the birch-rod…

The Birch-rods

And here is the final result of my forest endeavours…

Can hardly contain my anticipation at being severely thwacked with one of these…

Bottoms up!

4.3.2012 If you go down to the woods today!!!

I have had an exhilarating Sunday morning forage in the woods, collecting lovely fresh birch cuttings to bring back to London and prepare for a jolly good thrashing. Enough talk let me show you:

What a naughty minx I am.

Bottoms up!


A birching for Samantha

Words cannot do this justice so here’s the before and after…

 Bottoms up!

Anticipation and Trepadation Part 5

The first lash landed on my right shoulder. The second on my left and this was how it would continue, rhythmically up and down my entire back half, with one coming upwards every now and then between my legs. How I didn’t climax there and then is beyond me. I knew deep down if I did without my Masters permission I would be in serious trouble. The cane would be caressing me, not the whip. My Master began working on my front. My breasts jiggled with each lash and stung but I was so excited to at last have my Masters full attention, I hardly noticed the pain and as quickly as it had started it was over. I heard the door close and was alone once more. Damn that was sexy…