Samantha Jone’s availability over the forthcoming holidays

I shall be staying in London during the holidays. I adore this time of year! Therefore I am available for bookings during the holiday season as usual apart from Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years day.

Please wherever possible book in advance so as to avoid disappointment.

Thank you

Bottoms up!


Sunday 25.11.2012

Hi All,

it’s that time of year ‘Party Season!’. A couple of dates for you. I shall be at the 2Kings Spanking Party on Tuesday the 27th of November from 6pm. The theme is Sexy Schoolgirls!! Also I shall be at the Annual Christmas Party on Tuesday the 18th of December from 1pm. Lots of Spanking Good Fun!

Bottoms up!


Samantha takes it on the hand

Thank you Master Nick.

Hands up and bottoms up!

Samantha Jones x

A girl/woman can never have enough shoes!

I hope you enjoy my shoe collection as much as I enjoy wearing them as well as receiving the ballet pumps across my naughty peachy cheeks!






Photo Shoot

Hello Everyone,

There are all new photographs up of me. Please look under Switch Samantha to view. I hope you enjoy them. It was fun! Look out for videos next week.

Bottoms up!

Samantha Jones x

Samantha Jones’ scenario with Master P

Samantha  loved her job – teaching at a good school …….. it was all she had ever wanted … but now there was a note from the Head Master  to report to him at noon , she wondered why .
Promptly at Noon , she knocked at his door  – a big old oak door , slightly forbidding ; She  went in when bidden and stood before him . She was a bit apprehensive but she liked him  and she felt great when she was in front of him. He did not ask her to sit … just produced her Class test results and asked ‘ WHAT are these ?’
She paled slightly … in fact she had marked the papers  but then lost them and she  hadn’t dared to report the loss , so she had completed the results  from memory  but she was sure they were accurate.  After some hesitation , she went through them … there was  a  pause  and then  he brought out all of the papers  put  them  on his desk  … these were found on a bus , he said  . ‘ they are very different from the results  you reported , Young lady. ‘ Then it all came out – how she had lost them and how she had completed the results from memory.    He looked very severe  and said , it is a great pity , you have been one of my most best  teachers  , I will be very sad to lose your services but I am very much afraid that the Governors will insist  you are  dismissed.  Samantha gave a  gasp  … she never thought it might come to that … near to tears ,  she begged him to reconsider .
He did not speak until she asked     ‘ if a pupil had committed such an error , what would you have done ‘ …
‘Caned them severely ‘ he replied .  There was a long pause before she said ‘ Why not do the same to me  then and give me another  chance’ .  He thought long and hard … then said report back to me at 2 pm . At 2pm she was outside his door – extremely nervously , She  knocked and went  in … he looked stern as he said  ‘   if I do cane you , It will be very hard and  you will also become my Maid for the weekend , You will obey absolutely  and  you are to be available in every way – Do you agree? ‘
She was scared of the cane but the thought excited her a lot PLUS  the idea of being his Maid was great – she really fancied that bit.  ‘ I agree , Sir ,’ she said …….. ‘ very well then ‘ , He went to the door and locked it ; then  turned and said ‘ Remove all of your clothes ‘  …. she was stunned then remembered she was to obey  … she  hastened to do as she was told  – when her bra finally came  off , she stood before him and waited  …………
‘ go to the cupboard there and bring me the 4th cane down ‘ he ordered.  She obeyed, took it off the hooks and holding it horizontally ,   handed  it to him .. She  gasped again when he said 12 strokes …’ and do not stand up until I say you can  ‘. ‘ Now bend over my desk … take hold of the far edge and hold it tightly’.  She did as she was told and made sure that her bottom was high , legs slightly apart to show off her beauty .   She heard the cane well before it struck but the searing pain of a very hard stroke caught her  by surprise and she yelled … BE  Quiet , girl , he said ;  The 2nd stroke left a vivid stripe right across her cheeks . She bit her lip but  kept quiet.  12 strokes later , tears were streaming down her face and her bottom was striped and very sore. Out of the corner of her eye , she watched him drop his trousers and move  behind her …. she felt  very  wet     and he slid in so easily … then she came just before he did.  Later as she took her afternoon  classes , Her bottom was so sore ,  she made sure she stayed standing up   ………………………….. but she was looking forward to her duties as a Maid …. a whole weekend serving him and being served would be wonderful … especially if she made some mistakes and he produced the cane once again. xxxxxx

Olho de cu

Dear Dr. Samantha,

It was a pleasure to meet you on Thursday afternoon, your performance was wonderful; you excelled in the ‘olho de cu’ department and it was wonderful to correct your little mistakes. I look forward to our meeting again, with love from John; xxx

Dear Dr. John,

Thank you so much for showing me how I should carry myself around my elders and betters.

With love from Samantha x

Poi o cu para cima

Thigh High

As promised especially for you Master P.


Double Trouble

Yesterday afternoon I played for two hours with a new client. We enjoyed a wonderfully fun-filled switch session. I always find it exciting meeting for the first time, getting to know each others comfort zones, levels and limits. We both got butt naked and took it in turns to spank each others bottoms whilst bending over the punishment bench. Once nicely warmed up we moved on to the leather paddle and then the hairbrush (a personal favourite). There’s something naughty about using everyday domestic items for punishing backsides. Another favourite of mine is the table tennis bat. If you’ve never tried it I highly recommend that you do. After an hour and a half our bums had become hot and red. TIME FOR THE CANE. Marvellous. The swish sound is simply divine and let me tell you extremely erotic. I lost count I was enjoying myself so much. Thank you D for a most pleasant afternoon. I do hope we’ll play again.

Bottoms up everyone!

Believe me switching can be very sexy and mutually rewarding in more ways than you can imagine.

Miss Bailey, JP and Me (Samantha Jones)

We stood waiting in the Headmistresses study. The door burst open. Miss Bailey entered and ordered JP and me to strip naked. I was so embarrassed. She ordered me over the punishment bench and began to hand spank my bottom. I was then told to get up and stand in the corner whilst JP went over the bench to receive the same. She did this continually using next; the paddle, then the carpet beater, the birch and finally the cane. My cheeks glowed red as did JPs. To humiliate us further we were made to stand face to face as she bound us together. We couldn’t move. After some time we were released. I was again ordered to stand in the corner and she produced a bag from her desk. It was handed to JP who was told to empty the contents onto the school chair and sit on it. To my horror I saw a pile of stinging nettles. JP did as he was told. I prayed she wouldn’t make me do the same. It came about that all of this was because JP and I were seen playing kiss chase on a local farmers land. When he caught us I told him to F*** off! (it just slipped out). Needless to say we’ll be more careful next time. My bottom is still sore. I hate to think how JP is feeling.

Bottoms up!