Samantha’s Weekend Caning

Let me share with you all. I have had the pleasure to session this weekend with an absolute gentleman. He inspired, elated and exquisitely led me to that place of complete submission. An expert Master of female correction. My cheeks wobbled, throbbed, glowed and stung. They were then massaged tenderly. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I yearn to have the same and more. A truly memorable and enjoyable experience. I have several stripes to remind me of our play (however as you know now they will have probably gone by the morning).

Bottoms up!

Samantha Jones’ Medical

Upon entering the examination room I felt uncomfortable to see a male doctor. I’ve only been examined by a female in the past. I was apprehensive, my tummy churned. He told me there was no need to feel uneasy and that it was perfectly alright for a male doctor to perform the examination. I said nothing and went ahead and did as I was told. After questioning me about my general well being the doctor began the physical examination. I was instructed to remove all my clothing. I asked for a gown but there was none. Standing naked I was so embarrassed. My face flushed. I couldn’t look at him. I remember thinking; Shouldn’t a female nurse be present? after all I have no clothes on. I stood rooted to the spot and kept quiet. the doctor told me to put my hands on my head, which I did. He proceeded to examine me, listening to my chest with his stethoscope. It was so cold. There I was butt naked, hands on head with him probing me. I felt so humiliated. My breasts began to burn with pain. When I looked down he had a metal pinwheel and was rolling it over my exposed boobs. When I complained about the pain he said it was perfectly normal and needed to check my reactions. Next he had in his hand a strange looking contraption that glowed a violet colour and hummed like electricity. He touched my nipples with it. I jumped and yelped. It hurt. I now felt scared yet still I said nothing. Oh my where else was he going to put this wand… Needless to say when he had finished I had turned to jelly. Is this normal? the lady doctor had never done such things to me. Should I tell someone? It felt wrong. I was ashamed so I decided to say nothing about it. How could I?… The doctor informed me that I’d need to return to collect my results.

Thursday 27th 2012

Received a fantastic, hard, slow, intense caning today on my new stool. Fabulous! Swish, swish, swish. The sensation of being caned whilst wearing rubber knickers is simply divine.

Bottoms up!

Latest Acquisition

I purchased this for a dear client of mine who reminisces about kneeling on a stool whilst being caned by the head girl or mistress.

Calthorpe Street Academy New year 2012

Samantha Jones has been rewarded for all her hard work in the last school year. Bestowed upon her is the honour of HEAD GIRL at the academy. This role comes with many responsibilities. Naturally she is expected to be an excellent role-model for her fellow pupils, punctual, polite, in correct uniform at all times and maintain high levels of achievement in all areas of the academy’s curriculum. Also, overseeing other pupils’ behaviour. As head girl she is allowed to punish pupils for their misdemeanours. The academy has strict rules on corporal punishment. Samantha will be allowed to spank, paddle, strap and plimsoll pupils. The cane can only be administered if a senior member of staff cannot be located. All punishment should be logged in the academy punishment book for inspection each morning.


Part 2

Miss Williams asked me to explain why I had been sent to her study. I stood silently, blushing profusely. She looked stern yet beautifully composed. I told her I had found a gold wedding ring in the playground but had forgotten to hand it in. She informed me that Miss Bailey had knowledge of my misdemeanour and when she confronted me I had protested “I’m not a f*****g thief!”. Miss Williams let me know that keeping the ring was bad enough but swearing at a member of staff was reprehensible. The only way to deal with my errant behaviour was either a weeks suspension and a letter home or to accept, without any complaint or fuss corporal punishment. I choose the latter. Miss Williams instructed me to bend over all the way down.

“They aren’t regulation shoes Jones”

I think she was secretly admiring them. My beautiful, new peep toe stilettos. THUD that’s the wooden paddle, I’d felt it before. My bottom wobbled but I remained perfectly still. I knew if I moved she would double the strokes. I received 10 resounding wallops across both cheeks. My poor backside was on fire.

“Now for the swearing” she snapped “hold out your left hand”

SWISH the cane came down onto my palm, it really stung. Three more followed and the same on my right palm. My hands glowed. Miss Williams told me to rub them together to ease my discomfort. She next made me bend over the desk. THWACK the cane came down. It was over my skirt but the pain was excruciating. Miss Williams canes hard, fast and accurately. I lost count.

I’m going to try and stay out of trouble this term…

Bottoms up!

Tuesday the 18th September 2012

Part 1

My day is complete! Without sounding too ingratiating this afternoon I was summons to Miss Williams’ study. I am not implying that I had orchestrated the meeting but the summer break seemed so so long. I know it is only 1 week into the new school year but truly I had missed Miss Williams. There is an aura about her that seems to put me where I should be, contrite yet also feeling (embarrassed to admit) aroused.

Miss Williams was not amused. She informed me about her annoyance at having to stay after school hours to deal with me…

Memo to Calthorpe Street Academy Staff September 2012

Miss Jones has been a valued member of the calthorpe street team, after a difficult beginning, she has come into her own. our no nonsense approach has had a positive affect on her; therefore Miss Jones has been given more responsibilities throughout the academy, which involve her being actively encouraged to punish others who do not adhere to the academy’s strict employment regulations.




Samantha Jones caught in the act

I was caught not only avoiding my duties but wearing no knickers. My Master dealt with me accordingly. My bottom glowed red. I’d like to say I wont do it again but I know I will. There’s something about bending over wearing no panties that excites me especially if I get caught.

Bottoms up!