I cant believe it, how did he know that under my uniform I was was wearing black sheer naughty underwear. And boy did I pay for breaking attire rules…..
First he put me over his knee and turned my bottom from milky white to scarlet red, then I was put over the school desk and strapped until I begged for forgiveness. He finally got out the cane and I took 12 of the best with my new rattan cane. He then told me to stand up and asked me if I had learnt my lesson. I sobbed YES but my underwear feels so nice that Im scared that I will repeat this errant and naughty behaviour ……
I am such a naughty girl…………….


Well, I seem to learn something new every day. Anthony from Germany put me in this position, which was perfect for him as he loves to spank a naughty bottom with both hands at the same time.
The sound and feeling was fabulous. Hope you enjoy the photo Anthony as much as I enjoyed the WHEELBARROW.

School’s not out for naughty Samantha Jones

I have been informed this morning that I will not be going away for the Summer as I must attend Summer School. Apparently my end of year report is dismal and my errant behaviour is in need of serious attention.

Submissive Samantha’s Rubber Fantasy

There is something quite special that happens to the skin when caned over rubber. The sound of the cane landing on tight rubber panties is exquisite. Swish Swish Swish. I tingle all over. I highly recommend this treatment for wayward girls like myself. Rubber bottoms up!

Samantha’s New Cane


Thank you Professor for my wonderful new cane. It is exquisite. As you said hand made by a personal friend. Wow. Look forward to playing with it in detention. Bottoms up!

Submissive Samantha gets spanked!

Correction in Corsetry

My gratitude to wonderful Robert, for my beautiful new silk corset from It really is a piece of stunning workmanship and as he was spanking me over his knee the feeling of total constriction and submission took my breath away.

Thank you Robert.

Samantha’s report to Head Master

Head Master summoned me to his office to answer various accusations that had been made against myself. It’s not fair. It seems it’s always me that has to stay behind. He kept me waiting outside his door even though I had knocked I knew if I entered without permission I would pay dearly. “Jones Enter”. I pushed the door open with trepidation and could see the cane perched menicingly up against the blackboard. My palms began to perspire.

My three misdemeanours were outlined in detail on the board so I knew that no amount of protestations would save me. The Head Master pulled me over his knee and yanked my knickers down to my knees. I tried to wriggle and squirm free then I felt his arm grip around my waist. I Went to yelp and his free hand pushed the nape of my neck down rendering me totally helpless and completely at his mercy.

Misdemeanour 1: Tardiness. Punishment for offence: 50 hard bare bottom slaps.

Misdemeanour 2: Insolence. Punishment for offence: 24 strokes of the 3 pronged tawse.

Misdemeanour 3: Bullying. Punishment for offence: 18 strokes of the senior cane.

Samantha thought her punishment was over but it had only just begun…

Enquiry Regarding Canes

I was asked today whether I had a varied selection of canes. So here are just a few. See what you think.

Submisive Samantha’s First Day Back

For the true cane connoisseur;

Back at last after my brief sojourn. Look what was waiting for me. Mistress had taken delivery of new canes last week. Together with a new warm-up paddle for my myself (like I need it…). I had thought she would be lenient with me on my first day back but oh no. Her displeasure was evident from the moment I saw the look on her face. My genuine protestations for mercy fell on deaf ears. Her retort was “We are not French” whatever that means, maybe someone can let me know…