My Lochgelly Tawse




I cannot tell you how excited I am and honoured to be the recipient of a limited edition lochgelly tawse. It is a beauty. The craftsmanship is superb. The smell of the leather is divine and I look forward to feeling its might across my palms.

A new purchase


Ooooohhhh I imagine this is going to hurt.

Bottoms up!

Samantha Jones

In trouble again



For my misdemeanours I decided to take the Headmaster’s punishment. I was given an OTK spanking, first on my knickers and then on my bare bottom. He then gave me the hairbrush and a paddling before ordering me to bend over the desk where he administered 24 strokes of the senior cane. I have promised to behave myself in future.



A cold caning

My gentlemen’s bottom after receiving 36 strokes of the senior cane.



Fabulous session. Thank you S. Look forward to seeing you in 2014. I’m sure those stripes will be gone by then!

Bottoms up!

Samantha Jones

Reporting to the Headmaster

Branch place academy’s rules concerning pupil’s conduct is strict but fair.

The rules at all times:

1. Pupils must be in full academy uniform.

2. Pupils must be ready and willing to learn.

3. Pupils must respect members of staff and fellow pupils.

4. Pupils must not leave the academy without consent.

5. Pupils are prohibited from smoking or consuming alcohol.

6. Pupils must not bring the academy’s reputation into disrepute.

Any breach of academy rules will result in detention with the Headmaster where he will decide the correct disciplinary action for infractions.


Samantha Jones reported to the Head’s study looking smart in her uniform. The Headmaster informed Jones she had been seen during school hours helping herself to lingerie in the village boutique. Samantha denied the allegation however it transpired she had been seen and captured on the boutiques CCTV. Caught out in her lie she was given options. One; a phone call to her parents followed by immediate suspension. Two; acknowledge her wrong doing and accept corporal punishment. This would be an OTK hand spanking upon her knickers followed by an OTK on her bare bottom. She would then bend over the desk, knickers down, bare bottom  on display and receive a strapping plus 18 strokes of the senior cane. Samantha agreed to option two and promptly put herself over the Headmaster’s knee to receive her punishment. Jones endured the thrashing plus the humiliation of her knickers pulled down and her girly bits on show…


The Headmasters hands began to wonder touching Samantha in an inappropriate manner. Being an astute pupil Samantha pointed this out. The Head clearly embarrassed pleaded with Samantha not to tell anyone. Not being a tell-tale Jones suggested he feel the same humiliation and punishment as she had done. Starting with an OTK spanking upon his shorts followed by a bare bottom OTK spanking. The Headmaster agreed (very quickly Samantha noted). Perfectly happy with giving the Head a spanking and feeling quite empowered Samantha instructed the Headmaster to bend over the desk where she proceeded to paddle and then cane his backside.



My canes;


My gentlemen’s red, stripy bottom after a dozen strokes;


He left happy. A smile on his face and a glowing backside.

Bottoms up!

Switch Samantha canes a miscreant

Number 1 – Before;


Number 2 – During;


Number 3 – After;


With the senior cane.



To Samantha

Thank You for Our Session

Thank you for our session When we played one to one
For teaching you a lesson
Was really so much fun

Thank you for your bottom
Which really is so nice
Your knickers made of cotton
Came down in just a trice

Thank you for your bending
And lying ‘cross my knee
While you kept on pretending
You should get more from me

Thank you for your giggling
To let me know your joy
And your bottom wiggling
As I applied the toys

Thank you for your solemn vow
That we will play some more
Which means my happy path somehow
Will lead back to your door

With love from Gentleman Paul x x

Thank you my Paul. Wonderful session.

Bottoms up!

Samantha Jones


Old Fashioned Disipline

Senior girls’ Samantha Jones and Sam Johnson were told to report to the Headmasters’ study at 11am. With trepidation they knocked on his door. They were instructed to enter and stand side by side in front of him. The Headmaster was holding the belt. He ordered both girls to outstretch their arms, produce their palms and without any explanation proceeded to tawse the girls in turn, 12 strokes in all. Jones was then made to lift her skirt, pull down her knickers and bend over his desk. 6 strokes of the senior cane were administered to her bare bottom. It was Sam’s turn to do the same. Visibly shaken she complied. 6 strokes landed across her naked buttocks. After rearranging themselves they were told to sit down and only then did the Headmaster inform the girls why he had punished them. The evening before Samantha and Sam had been seen in the village pub drinking with two boys from a nearby college. Both girls were not only absent from school whilst wearing their uniforms, they were cavorting with older boys and drinking alcohol. To be fair the Headmaster gave each girl the opportunity to either; endure a months detention or accept corporal punishment. Samantha and Sam looked at eachother in dismay knowing that Christmas was upon them and oh the lovely parties and good times to be had which wouldn’t come if they were in detention. They decided there was no other option than to accept corporal punishment, as girls really do love the Christmas festivities and all that comes with it…