The carpet beater


Miss Bailey informed me today that she had a new implement. I was very bolshy therefore she instructed me to resume the position before punishment and administered 12 thwacks of said implement. Ouch that put me properly in my place…


Chamber Maid


As hard as I try I never seem to get it right. I long to please Lady YL. I only scored a 3 today. I truly hope I can get to 5 next time.

Samantha Jones x

My domestic spanking


Making tea at Calthorpe Street Academy!

Bottoms up! x

Especially for you


Headmaster here is my bottom after our session this morning (extremely hot and tingling). I promise to behave accordingly in future.

Samantha’s Availability


I am an independent submissive which affords me flexibility regarding session times and days. I would advise when possible to book in advance to avoid disappointment. May I just say when booking a session I would like to know; the date, time, session duration and a brief synopsis please. Thank you.

Kind regards and bottoms up!

Samantha Jones x

Bottoms Up!


A lovely reminder of our session today. G you took your caning so well.

P.S: Mistress Avas’ cane always hits the right spot.

Tuesday 2nd April 2013 – Detention with the Headmaster

At 2pm today as requested I reported to the Headmasters’ study. On numerous occasions I have been in such a predicament. My feelings are of; trepidation coupled with excitement. Why? I’m not so sure as I know from experience the Headmaster is formidable. I can’t flirt my way out of his wrath. I have tried to no avail in the past and was severely thrashed for my sorry attempts. It may appear that I am trying to worm my way out of my due punishment. Honestly I’m not. I have been warned that my tardiness will not be tolerated and if it continues I shall recieve the Lochgelly Tawse. Punishment will be administered on the palms of my hands. The Headmaster instructed me to hold out my hands, one on top of the other. The belt came down hard and fast. I shook with the pain. Alternating my hands three strokes were given on each.┬áMy flesh was on fire and this was just the beginning. Stupidly I had assumed being a senior pupil I wouldn’t be made to go over his knee. How wrong I was. Humilliatingly I was told to lift my skirt and bend over his lap. At least I had my knickers on. The Headmaster proceeded to spank my backside. He quickly knew it was having no effect so pulled down my panties and continued on my bare bottom. I was so embarassed, my girly bits were on display and as hard as I tried I was feeling tingly between my thighs.

“Samantha Jones” the Headmaster barked. “Are you enjoying this punishment?”. There was no point in me denying it. He could feel that I was! “That’s a thrashing for you Jones”. Sure enough I was told to stand and bend over.

Bottoms up!

Samantha Jones x

Spanking Party

I shall be at 2Kings spanking party on Wednesday the 10th of April 2013. The theme is sexy secretary’s. Please click on the link below for further information. Look forward to seeing you there.


Easter availability

I shall be staying in London over the Easter break. Being an independent my availability is flexible. Wherever possible please book in advance so as to avoid disappointment. Thank you.

Bottoms up!

A glowing cheek


I’ve come home and as you can see my cheek is still on fire.

Bottoms up!