A New Post Part 2

Newly appointed Ms Jones was keen to impress her superior, in her new post as Deputy Governess of the YOI. In her first week there was an incident with an inmate (known to be difficult). The Governor was in a meeting (not to be disturbed). Ms Jones decided to use her own initiative and handle the matter herself, remembering that CP was practiced at the facility. She instructed the guards to bring the unruly youth to her office. She was going to teach him a lesson. Once alone with the miscreant she instructed him to bend over the desk. He complied, probably as he knew Ms Jones could withdraw his privileges being a senior member of staff. His demeanour was however cocky to say the least. Ms Jones unimpressed resolved herself there and then to remove the smirk from his face and teach him a lesson he would not quickly forget. Ms Jones holding a senior cane administered six fast, hard strokes across his raised bottom. There was not so much as a flinch from the offender, clearly clothing afforded too much protection. Ms Jones ordered the youth to remove his trousers and pants and touch his toes. He did as instructed. Now that’s more like it she mused, recalling her schooldays, punishment was always given on the bare. Thwack, the first stroke made contact, producing a thick, red welt across his bare bottom. Thwack, the second was a little lower and so it continued until Ms Jones reached the crease of his backside…

Naughty Boy

If you cannot obey a simple instruction such as; pull down your pants and produce your bottom for punishment, then you will feel the consequence of your defiance. The caning maybe slow and torturous or fast and furious. That naturally is entirely at my discretion.


Pants down, bottom up!

Samantha Jones x


The difference between a senior girls’ cane and the dragon cane are;

1. Anticipation

2. The force of the stroke i.e. the senior cane is lighter and therefore it stings. The dragon cane being thicker and heavier is a thud which hurts just as much.

3. The after feeling is that the dragon cane stays with you longer. That said not necessarily a preferred feeling.

4. Depending where the stroke lands makes a lot of difference. The senior cane across both cheeks is a quick, painful sting. The dragon cane on the crease (the sit spot) is heavy, extremely painful and takes my breath away.

5. As for the stripes the dragon cane remains longer. The senior cane fades.

So if the question is which cane I prefer, I cannot answer as I enjoy them both but in different ways.

Bottoms up!
Samantha Jones x

A Cold Caning

Caning a bare bottom without a warm up produces the most effective stripes. After the caning when a paddling is administered the feeling is amazing albeit painful. I Would definitely recommend it. Thank you Headmaster.




Headmaster I have done my lines;



A New Post Part 1

This is my smart new uniform for my new role as; Deputy Governess of the YOI. The job is purely an administrative position. I have no contact with any offenders! The Governor interviews and processes all new inmates. CP is encouraged at the YOI however there are strict guidelines as to who administers the punishment. Officially this is the Governors role…




Unfortunately I have scored a sorry 1 1/2 today. Lady YL was not impressed by my lack of correct housemaid uniform, being able to see my stocking tops, not cleaning correctly and blaming other members of her household for my abysmal servitude. Madam soundly spanked my bare bottom as well as giving me the paddle and of course the cane. I must try harder. I don’t want to loose my position!!!




Hooray my uniform has arrived Madam!



I hope you enjoy this pic. It made me smile and brought back many fond memories…



Detention with the Headmaster and his senior dragon cane:





The Headmaster thanked me for showing the fortitude of a true public school girl. Unfortunately I have detention again next week Tuesday. Oh dear I really must try to behave.

Bottoms up!

Samantha Jones x

Waiting for the Headmaster Part 2



As you can see the Headmaster was not happy with my errant behaviour!!!