Samantha Jones and Sam Johnson were instructed to report to the Headmasters’ study at 4pm. His face was far from welcoming, actually he looked positively cross. I couldn’t help myself and burst into uncontrollable giggles. Sam Johnson dug me in the ribs but I couldn’t stop. I actually thought I’d wet my knickers. Oh honestly what could be the worst outcome? I’ve been here on numerous occasions but this was Sam’s first time (I don’t believe she’s had the cane before). She is my best friend but she will have to bend over and take it!!!


Dearest Samantha
The two pics of you and Sam on your blog are absolutely superb!   More please …..
However, I am not surprised you have been called to the headmaster’s study.   Your shirts and ties are in a disgraceful state.   Buttons undone, ties at “half mast”.   A very poor advert for the school.   It won’t do, as I am sure the head will make very clear – with his cane on your bottoms!
Lots of love to you both!
Mike xxx    xxx



Revised policy commencing on the 13.1.2014





Been shopping



I have been shopping at The London Tanners for these two beauties. One is called the grandma slipper paddle and the other is the domestic strap. I’m excited at the thought of feeling these leather implements across my bare bottom. Look forward to hearing from you.

Bottoms up!

Samantha Jones


I have been summonsed to the Heads’ study. Upon perusal I’d say I’m not here for just a caning.


Headmaster was not in this morning so I changed at lunchtime.



How would he know? I’m guessing my friend Sam Johnson has grassed me up. I saw her earlier changing before hockey practice and she was definitely not wearing regulation underwear. It’s so unfair. Why should I be punished? Sam had on the most beautiful silky belt and panties I’d ever seen. I just wanted to look like her.



So many special moments

1. Your smile and warm embrace as you welcomed me into your apartment.

2. Our animated conversation over tea, making it obvious that we were going to get on.

3. You telling me that you enjoyed the plimsoll hard across the middle of your bottom.

4. The way you told me that “you sincerely hoped I was going to cane you”

5. Sitting at the desk as you stood in front of me perfectly dressed in your uniform ready to play.

6. Giving you your first 6 of the best over the desk and hearing you tell me it was perfect. That cold caning set the scene and made me confident that you wanted to be punished hard.

7. Laying the plimsoll on hard and finding out just how well you take it.

8. Raising your skirt and laying the strap across your white knickers.

9. Enjoying several moments of your lovely role play – Your school girl voice and your cheekiness and back chat always followed by contrite and submissive acceptance of your punishment.

10. Lowering your knickers for the first time and seeing your lovely bare bottom presented.

11. The first caning I gave you on the bare and the sounds you made when the cane was really getting through to you. It was testing you but you didn’t want me to stop.

12. The goose bumps you showed me on your thighs and arms that proved just how much you enjoyed the canings and how well the session was going.

13. You telling me that the reformatory cane that I selected was your favourite.

14. The way you looked at me before your last 11 strokes and asked me how I wanted you to count them – And told me what the previous Headmaster did when you forgot to count.

15. Earning yourself 5 extra strokes when you deliberately lost count.

16. You telling me that the last stroke should be the hardest – And me giving you exactly what you asked for a moment later.

17. The feel of your lovely warm bottom as I rubbed cream into it afterwards.

18. The way you gradually removed clothing as the punishment intensified so the ‘school girl gradually turned into a beautiful lady enjoying frim discipline’

19. Your smile as you said “you will give me a final 6 of the best won’t you sir?”

20. The way you looked for the right place to present your bottom for the final caning without saying so but making me realise that you wanted it to be severe.

21. Administering my firmest most accurate caning yet, watching the tram lines appear, listening for your reactions as you took it so well and laying the final stroke across your crease.

22. Your lovely, squeezy bear hug as you thanked me afterwards.

23. The extra hug in the lift on the way out.

24. Chatting and walking hand in hand with you along branch place.

25. My happiness on the way home as I reflected on the privilege of creating this wonderful scene with you and the trust you showed in me. Thank you so much.


Dear David,

As I have said before if I could only do a review on my wonderful gentlemen I would say it was my pleasure to play with you and look forward to our next session. Thank you so much.

Bottoms up!

Samantha Jones


A major troublemaker has been caught selling cigarettes to other pupils. Dismayed by this students behaviour, Miss Jones administers 12 strokes of the senior cane on his bare bottom followed by 12 strokes of the reformatory cane for lying about the said incident. Knowing the lad to be a devious miscreant Miss jones gave him a further 12 strokes leaving his bottom striped, red and sore.



As Deputy Headmistress Miss Jones is not permitted to cane boys or indeed take down their pants. For over stepping her duties she will receive the same punishment. 36 strokes of the cane. The first 18 with a senior cane. The next 18 with the reformatory cane.


This is far from a satisfactory start to the new term. Standards must and will always be maintained. Rules are in place for a reason. All members of staff as well as pupils will be dealt with severely for any breaches.


I saw this and it tickled me.


Bend over and bottoms up!

Samantha Jones x


A pre-New Years’ eve bash!!!


What can I say it took my breath away. I do enjoy a left handed caner. Fabulous session. Thank you D. Happy New Year all and Bottoms up!

P.S: Please take a look at mine and Sam Johnson’s new ad on ITC. Look forward to hearing from you. x

Nice Lady 2014

Nice Lady with your gliding walk
In Spring we go outdoors
And while you talk your happy talk
I spank you in the raw.

Nice Lady with your figure full
The Summer’s balmy days
Do make you yearn to pay for all
Your nice but naughty ways

Nice Lady even Autumn winds
Don’t mean our fun has died
The strap and cane for all your sins
Still leave their warmth inside

Nice Lady with the smiling face
You lie across my knee
While I dispel the slightest trace
Of Winter blues in thee

Nice Lady you’re a naughty girl
And every time we play
You make my giddy head just whirl
On each and every day

Nice Lady with your warm embrace
A New Year will soon start Twelve months to keep a special place
For you in my soft heart

With much fondness and gratitude from Gentleman Paul x x x

Dear Gentleman Paul,

Thank you so much for my wonderful poem. Look forward to playing with you in 2014.

Bottoms up!


End of term 20.12.2013

This naughty young man was caught cheating in an exam. He was given an OTK hand spanking to begin with over his pants and then on his bare bottom. He was then ordered over the desk, with his bare cheeks red from the spanking and then strapped and caned. 6 strokes in all with a senior cane. Hopefully he has learnt a painful lesson.


This young lady was found smoking and drinking alcohol in the school grounds. She was stripped and givien a sound thrashing on her bare bottom. After the spanking the strap and paddle were administered followed by 6 of the best. One can only hope she can mend her errant behaviour.


Miss Jones never seems to learn but she wont be sitting comfortably this Christmas.



I‘ve been called to the Headmasters’ study and I’m baffled as to why. I’m supposed to be at hockey practice. “I’m not happy!”. I’m informed that my sporting prowess may well be excellent but my academic record is more than lacking. I am to have a spelling, history and maths test. There goes hockey practice. If my performance is poor I am to receive corporal punishment. “It’s not fair…I know I’ll fail and if I do make it to practice I’ll have a red bottom and the girls’ will laugh at me”.



It’s not for everyone but those who know me are well aware I don’t do anything I don’t enjoy. Selfish perhaps… I’d like to thank Master Ray for his spanking and superb caning this afternoon. This picture is for you. It doesn’t always need to be on the bottom…


And to end 2013 on a very high note a delicious as always session with switch D. This bottom is well known on my blog. To say my gentlemen takes a jolly good caning is an understatement. But let me boast I do too…




Happy Christmas gentlemen. See you in 2014.

Bottoms up!

Samantha Jones