My latest punishment with Master R.

Click on the link below to view my latest punishment with master R.

Bottoms up!

P.S: Mine seems to be permanently up for a jolly good thrashing – Quite right too! I just can’t seem to behave myself!

Jubilee Shoes!

Brand new footwear for the forthcoming celebrations. I am hoping that these beauties will not just adorn my feet. I love the sound of a ballet pump pummelling my peachy bare cheeks. It feels pretty good too!

Bottoms up!

Oh look I have patriotic panties too!

A special message for a special gentleman

Looking forward to Wednesday at 2pm for our special 1 hour of play time with our new toy. This ones for you affirmation A!


Submissive Samantha’s Summer Sojourn in the Sun!

I have been spanked, strapped, paddled, flogged, caned, humiliated and degraded.


I shall be away for 2 weeks from the 2nd of June 2012 until the 16th of June 2012. I’m not complaining. Trust me I deserved every single thwack but a girl needs to recharge her batteries.

Bottoms up!

New Pictures!

Here’s some new pictures from a recent photo shoot (click on the link below):

I hope you enjoy them. There will be a video to follow shortly.

Bottoms up!

Bank Holiday

Phew I have Monday off. I’m going to need it I’m sure as I’m seeing some of my most favourite Masters tomorrow. I’m very excited! Have a great Bank Holiday. I am back on Tuesday. Please look out for my new photos and video.

Bottoms up!

Fancy a party?!

Hey it’s party time!

I shall be attending the 2Kings Spanking Party on Tuesday the 8th of May. It starts at 6pm so why not come and join me and my fellow spankees for some frolicking fun!

Please check out details on the link below



I have to report to the Headmasters’ study at Midday. It’s really not fair it’s the Easter break after all. I can’t imagine what he wants with me?! Mrs Johnson and Miss Bailey punished me before the school broke for holiday over my continued insolence. I suppose I’ll find out at 12…

Ohhhh I did find this and forgot to hand it in…

Aaaah phew…

I may have got away with it (he doesn’t seem to know about the bracelet). Honestly I promise to hand it in tomorrow.

Actually the Headmaster wanted to see me today about my continued tardiness. I tried to explain that the bus was late. Headmaster was in no mood for my excuses and instructed me to lift my skirt and get over his knee, where upon I was given a very long, hard, hand spanking over my knickers. After several minutes he yanked my panties down and spanked me on the bare. My cheeks were stinging. I was told to stand up and look at my backside in the mirror. It was bright red. That wasn’t the end of it. Headmaster ordered me (with my panties down) to produce my backside for a caning over the desk… SWISH SWISH SWISH… I was given 6 of the very best. (I could swear he reads my mind I was lying. I over slept). My punishment over I was told to leave the study…

Oh gosh I really really hope Miss Bailey doesn’t know about the bracelet. I had better get my story straight before school tomorrow…

Samantha’s Flogging

I know it’s Thursday but I’m actually off to have my Friday flogging!

I am away now until Tuesday 10th April 2012. I hope you all have a good Easter break.

Bottoms up!


More pictures from my wonderful birching session


Hope you all enjoy as much as Mr W and I did.

Bottoms up!