An update

An update


I am doing really well. I’m burning from the inside out, my hands and feet tingle, my vision is sometimes blurry, I have the odd mouth ulcer, my bowels (well the less said about that the better!), I’m bald bar eyelashes, I have what’s known as chemo brain (I forget things – It’s just as well I write everything down) and I am constantly hungry (if there’s a shortage of chickens in Waitrose It’s my fault!). Thankfully these symptoms only last for one week. I still have my smile, my laugh, my sense of humour, the absolute joy of CP and most importantly all of you. I’ve learnt once I’ve been poisoned (with the chemo) I can’t session for a week. My treatment is every three weeks. I have four more to go before surgery. I’ll be playing for the other two weeks in 121’s and 221’s with lovely Sam Johnson. My next chemo date is Tuesday 25th August. Thank you for all your love and support. You’re amazing. A special thank you to lovely Sam Johnson and Sub Carrie. Ladies I adore you. Also a special thank you to Donna Browne (a cancer survivor – my inspiration) and naturally to my family. My beautiful daughter and her partner whose positivity shrouds me. I’m so proud.

Bottoms up all! and have a fabulous weekend.

Love Samantha Jones x

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