An Update

An Update

Dear gentlemen,

I am doing well. To be honest I¬†thought I’d be feeling a lot worse. I wont pretend it’s easy. It is a challenge and will probably become harder. I have received so many lovely, supportive, caring messages and¬†fantastic advice for which I am thankful. I’ve done something radical. I’ve always fancied being a platinum blonde (Marilyn Monroe if you like). I’ve bleached my cropped hair. Hey I’m going to loose it anyway. It’s funny I don’t recognise my own reflection. I might try red next. I’m at hospital on Monday the 3rd August for blood tests, a consultation with my chemo specialist and if she gives the go ahead chemo number 2. I will keep you posted and again I thank you for being with me on this journey. On a positive note I’m very excited. I’m visiting Scotland beforehand with my fabulous spanking, foodie, train best buddy Mr R. We are going to Inverness…Choo Choo!

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