A Warning!

A Warning!

Disruptive behaviour in class and disrespecting academy staff will not be tolerated. Miss Johnson (Head of P.E) kindly stood in upon my request and took Year 6 English. Miscreant S thought this amusing and declared;

“If her brains had been as well-developed as her breasts she might have been a rocket scientist”

Can S run a marathon? Can S lift 13KG dumbbells? Does S know all the rules of rugby? Does S eat a balanced nutritional diet? No! Never judge a book by its cover. S was ordered to present his ample backside for a strapping and caning. He will write Miss Johnson a letter of apology. If there is any repetition he will receive more of the same with Miss Johnson in attendance.



Dear gentlemen,

I have had problems with my hub (you don’t hear that every day!). Blogging will resume with gusto on Friday.

Bottoms up! x

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