A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day


Dear gentlemen,

I have enjoyed a perfect day. My first session was with fun loving Mr CA. We enjoyed discussing and admiring each others round knicker-clad bottoms. We spanked and caned each other and today Mr CA experienced The Magic Wand. Bless him. We lunched and he went on his merry way. Just delightful.




My second session was with my bezzie buddy R who was somewhat recalcitrant. He quickly learnt a sore lesson. I apparently was somewhat brash and he dealt with me accordingly. We had a blast.




We then went for dinner at Hawksmoor. It was delicious. And so I’m off to bed with a full stomach, a warm bottom and precious recollections of a perfect day.

Thank you gentlemen. Love, spanks and bottoms up!

Samantha x

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