221 with the 2 SJ’s + D

221 with the 2 SJ’s + D




My fabulous bessie mate Glam Sam Johnson visited Branch Place this afternoon for a 221 with lovely D. The awesome threesome. Our session is 3 acts over 2 hours. Mr D catches Sam and I spanking each other. Sam catches Mr D and I spanking each other. I catch Sam and Mr D spanking each other. It’s a perfect switch scenario as we all receive the same punishment. An OTK hand spanking, a jolly good dose of the slipper and the best, a no nonsense caning. For Sam and I switching is all about sharing the joy of CP. Our aim is for you to feel the exhilarating enjoyment. Pain really does equal pleasure. I know my gentlemen understand us. CP is marvellous. Letting go completely. Trusting your playmates is key.

Bottoms up my lovelies.

Thank you Sam and Mr D I had a ball xxx

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