1st day back

1st day back

12.30 and lovely M arrived with a big smile and a glint in his eyes. Wonderful. This is my first session since chemo number one. We sat and chatted about dos and don’ts before playtime. The only change is I’d prefer not to be topless. My boobs aren’t level. The left one has cancer so I’ll keep them covered up…tee hee.

M’s role play was brilliant fun. I’d answered an add to be a gentlemen’s submissive lady for the afternoon. My character’s background; I was in a relationship with a woman but curious to discover how it would be to be punished by a man. I had been slippered many years ago at school but never caned. Upon arrival M was strict and quite sexy. I was instructed to raise my skirt, producing my knicker clad bottom over his knee for a sound hand spanking. I squealed with delight. Next came the paddle. Harder yet still sublime. I knew I’d come to the right man. M ordered me over the punishment horse where he strapped my buttocks. I wobbled like jelly. My knickers were pulled down to my knees, a prolonged bare bottom spanking began. I glowed. Perhaps M realised I was enjoying myself far too much. He suggested I fetch 3 canes. I was to receive 12 strokes from each. Marvellous. M’s caning technique was painful, each stroke landing perfectly across my ample backside. Golly I like the cane. It hurts in a most delectable way. 36 strokes later M decided it wasn’t enough. I was told to lay down on my front and raise my bottom high. 36 more strokes reigned down. All in all I was extremely pleased with the afternoons proceedings.

Thank you M. You’re a star. My red stripy bottom thanks you too. Sadly no pics…we were far too busy. However here are our play implements;


So gentlemen I am very happy to inform you all is well and I adore CP more than ever. The general consensus is to maintain normality as much as possible, for me thankfully that includes CP.  Chemo number two will be on Monday August the 3rd (all being well). I will keep you updated.

My bottoms up gents!

Thank you all

Samantha Jones xxx

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