Dear Sirs,

Corporal punishment is a way of life for me. I’ve enjoyed playing as a serious CP submissive lady for many years. More recently I’ve savoured the art of switching. Sharing is such fun … Experiencing butterflies in my stomach, my top lip and palms sweating in the knowledge I’m about to receive a jolly sound, old fashioned THRASHING is sublime. It’s my pleasure to share that amazing feeling with you.

I’m quick to sense if I’ll enjoy myself with a gentleman. I am a genuine sincere lady. A true devotee of corporal punishment. I do not have time for cynicism or give interviews! This is the real me. To feel a connection during a session is such a thrill. It leaves me with goose bumps, my hair standing on end. When switching my aim is for you to experience that same fabulous feeling. I love to push my limits. To build a relationship with a gentleman. This allows the trust for further harder more extreme punishments.

I am, by nature, cheeky and relish banter. I am told I’m a chatterbox which very often leads me into deeper trouble… Oops …. Trust me, you’ll want to punish me … And I’ll adore it. There’s nothing quite like having my knickers yanked down, half mast, being ordered over your knee and given a hard prolonged bare bottom hand spanking. My cheeks glowing red, made to touch my toes and receive your cane….

That said, nothing can get my immediate attention more than a cold caning . Six of the very best for Jones … Yummy. The cane is by far my favourite implement and I have a vast, varied collection for our enjoyment.

I do enjoy old fashioned school days scenarios. I stress I’m an adult, senior head girl or prefect, I do not engage in age play. I appreciate this isn’t for all and I’m happy to read and consider your ideas or for us just to be ourselves.

I’m blessed with an hour glass figure, I’m curvaceous, all curves in their right place! I take good care of myself and it shows. My bottom is high, it’s round and it’s bouncy, especially when receiving your punishment! I just love bottoms …

So gentlemen if I have peeked your interest please do email me and I will answer you ASAP. Kindly keep your letters concise and very importantly clean, you’re talking to a lady.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Bottoms up!

Samantha Jones X

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